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Value Statement

Internal Medicine Diagnostics strives to educate and empower our patients and their families to provide patient-focused, comprehensive, culturally-proficient, quality primary and preventive health care services with respect and dignity. We strive to create an atmosphere for patients, families, and staff that is safe, accessible and free of any kind of discrimination. Internal Medicine Diagnostics will be a partner with our patients, their families, and our community to improve the quality of life of our patients and our community through an integrated health care delivery system that empowers the patient and makes them at the center of their health care decisions. This partnership is characterized by collaboration, innovation, and high value to the people we serve. Having interactive, engaged and informed patients will translate to happier and healthier patients, while improving staff satisfaction.

Internal Medicine Diagnostics prioritizes patient’s health first by providing or making provisions for all of their health needs by:


  •   Empowering patients and putting them and their families at the center of all health care decisions
  •   Providing quality health care for patients and their families in a warm, supportive environment
  •   Collaborating with our medical neighbors in the communities we serve
  •   Demonstrating value by making quality outcomes and service priorities while responsibly controlling costs

We embrace patients as central participants in planning their health care decisions